2019 12-Metre Worlds, Newport, RI
Overlapped at the Grand Prix Div Start
Close Start for the Modern Div
Crossed Swords - Enterprise (US-27) Crosses Defender (US-33)
Enterprise (US-27) Crosses Defender (US-33)
Chute UP! on LionHeart (K-18)
Chutes UP! & Enterprise (US-27) Ahead
Drag Racing
Challenge XII (KA-10) Powers to Weather
Parade of Chutes
Foredeck Action on Onawa (US-6)
Here comes the Mark! on Blue Marlin (K-17)
Dunkin' Chute on Blue Marlin (K-17)
Point on Enterprise (US-27)
Ready for Action on Enterprise (US-27)
Vema III (N-11) crossing Legacy (KZ-5)
Point on New Zealand (KZ-3)
Getting in position for the start
Bow action on America II (US-42)
America II (US-42)
Close Start for the Modern Div
America II (US-42)
Divisions cross below the Windward Mark
Challenge XII (KA-10) Rounds the Mark
Modern Div rounds the weather mark
Freedom (US-20) close ahead of Victory (K-22)
Downwind Parade
Broad Reach
You ready to trip? Victory (K-22)
Concentration Downwind on Victory (K-22)
Douse the Jib on LionHeart (K-18)
Around the Mark Columbia (US 16) - 1st Place Traditional Division
Drop the Jib - Columbia (US 16) - 1st Place Traditional Division
American Eagle (US-21) Shreds One
Onawa (US-6) readys the Chute
Heading Downwind - Kiwi Magic (KZ-7)
Challenge (KA-10) ahead of Intrepid (US-22)
Challenge XII (KA-10) - 1st Modern Div.
Challenge XII (KA-10) Preps the Chute
Enterprise (US-27) & Freedom (US-30) Cross Tacks
Freedom (US-30) ahead of Enterprise (US-27)
Freedom (US-30) Powers to the Mark
Courageous (US-26) Rounds the Mark
Freedom (US-30) preps the chute
Overlapped - Intrepid (US-22) & Enterprise (US 27)
Chutes Up!
Chutes Up!
Jib Down!
Chutes Filled & Away
One got it right - Intrepid (US-22) & Enterprise (US-27)
Arrgh! Wrapped! - Intrepid (US-22)
Rounding the Mark
Defender (US-33)
Defender (US-33) Downwind
Downwind Parade
Nyala (US-12) teamwork
Nyala (US-12) readies the chute
Onawa (US-6) rounds the mark
Airborne on the Foredeck on Blue Marlin (K-17)
Foredecks are Wet! on Blue Marlin (K-17)
Chute UP! on Blue Marlin (K-17)
Red Drogue on Blue Marlin (K-17)
Appoaching the Mark on Vema (N-11)
Vema (N-11) Rounds