My Favorite Images
Moonrise Behind the Lamproom
Talons Deployed
Adding to the Nest
Powering Out of the Barrel
Makin' It!
Tidepools & Trees
Dressing Up
Heee Yaaah!!!
OMG, this is Huge!
Brooklyn Bridge to Lower Manhattan
Montauk Light & the Milky Way
Lighting the Way
Bunker for Lunch
Me! Me!
Protecting the Dunes
Passing Bug Light
Orchid Trio
Instant Karma's Demise
Montauk Light Lamproom Moonrise 1
What do you mean, "get a room"?
Golden Grass, Blue Sky
Two-way Traffic
Driftwood in the Mist
Blue Morning
Lookin' For Love
Aren't I Cute?
On the Hunt 2
Sky on Fire
Aerial Skirmish
Driftwood Moonrise
On the Hunt
Streaking By
Settling In
Portland Head Light Twilight
Portland Head Light Sunset
Nubble Light Afterglow
Some Padding for the Nest
Crossing Tacks
Skimmer Skimming
Surfing a Double Wave
Fire Island Inlet Bridge Sunset
Fire Island Light from the Beach
Frosty Morning
Fire Island Light Panorama
Big Boat, Small Boat
Orchid Trio
Starboard! Comin' Thru
Great Egret Preening
Snowy Egret Cruising
Protecting the Dunes
Washed Ashore
Thunderheads over Fire Island Inlet Bridge
Coral Dance
Ganoga Falls, Ricketts Glen
Oneida Falls, Ricketts Glen
Off Duty
Fire Island Light Reflection
Fire Island Taxi
Winter's Bloom
Heckscher Sunset
Fire Island Light from the Dunes
Our Barrier Beach
Vineyard View
Morning Constitutional